Botticino classico italian beige marble

The marble quarry is located in the province of Brescia, where a highly-prized, ivory-coloured marble known as “Botticino Classico”, has been exported worldwide since early 19th century. 

The marble gets it’s name from the town itself.

Beige marble quarry located in italy
botticino town located in italy map pin

Botticino Classico has always been known and loved, with its different chromatic variety and its gold veining in an ivory background, it is a very elegant marble. Botticino Classico is strong and compact and it is used in architecture since Roman Times. 

It always is cherished and appreciated in the modern projects for its excellent features, both aesthetic and physical: it is used in every kind of architectectural projects, outdoor and indoor, and in the ornamental and sculptural area.


Types of Botticino

Botticino classico italian beige marble

Botticino Classico

Botticino classico has different chromatic variety and its gold veining in an ivory background,

botticino semi classico marble italian

Botticino Semi Classico

Botticino semi classico has snow flakes without the golden viens like classico. it is lighter in color and cleaner in look.

botticino crema italian marble

Botticino Crema / Firoto

Botticino Forito has a light beige pattern less background. it is close to white color and is the lightest color of Botticino.

Did you know?

botticino restaurant mumbai trident hotel kurla mumbai

A restaurant is named after the marble Botticino it is located in the Trident Hotel, Bandra East, Mumbai

piazza venezia monument located in italy used botticino marble

Known as the Monument Vittorio Emanuele II which took 7 years of discussion, 26 years of work and 40 thousand cubic meters of Botticino and Mazzano marble to complete.

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