living area with white marble floor

Secrets to a Flawless White Floor.

The most common choice of color for flooring is White. But with the color comes a lot of other issues such as high absorption, difficult to maintain, joints turning black etc. These are all issues which can be take care off by simply following these.


White stone must be fixed with only and only white cement & white Dust/Sand due to white stones slight translucency. Using any other color might result in the color shinning through the marble reducing the whiteness of your marble.

One should have a PCC with low price white tiles as a base for marble installation. Chemical such as Laticrete 252, Kerakol, Marmo etc. can be used to install the marble on top of these tiles, this reduces the chances of any impurity seeping into the marble from beneath.

3 men laying white marble

Civil Work

wood work going on floor

It is important to avoid any civil work atop your installed white flooring. Doing so will prevent any spillage on top of the marble while also preventing it from deep scratches, dirt etc. which can take away it’s sheen and damage it. 

It is recommended to complete all civil and construction related work before installing marble. In urgent to unforseen cases make sure floor is covered properly with PVC carpet and has no exposed areas.

Sealing the Marble

Sealing a marble with a chemical impregnator is very important specially so in case of White Marble. 

We highly recommend using a good quality sealer for Front & Back of the White marble to reduce porosity on both sides i.e. due to substrate and general wear and tear. This reduces the chances of anything getting absorbed into the marble from top or bellow. Also it gives the marble a glossier look. E.g. Bullet Sealers.

photo showing difference in chemically sealed and unsealed marble


hand cutting tool cutting marble slab

A good blade should be used for cutting, it is of utmost importance cause a good cutting blade will result in a good edge to get finer and cleaner joint. 

Joints can be filled using ACME 5010 which is easily available in the market. This gives a longer lasting white color. 

After 1st Stage of grinding immediately seal joints with paper tape & covered it with PVC carpet this prevents from any dirt to get into the joints and will prevent discoloration. Same can be removed when final buffing will be done.

Disclaimer :
All information shared here is from experience, results may vary from case to case. The chemicals and tools suggested are based on experience and we are not affiliate with any of these companies mentioned in this article. These are all preventive actions and does not guarantee a certain result as the results are based on variables.


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