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perlato sicilia beige marble from italy

Perlato Family

“Perlato Sicilia” is an Italian word meaning “Pearl of Sicily” Mined from quarries of Custonaci in the province of Trapani, Italy. Custonaci (Custunaci in Sicilian) is

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Basaltino quarry one of the few basalt sources


The word “Basalt” is ultimately derived from Late Latin word “Basaltes”, meaning “very hard stone,”. Basalt is lava from the earths core erupting and forming

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Botticino classico italian beige marble


The marble quarry is located in the province of Brescia, where a highly-prized, ivory-coloured marble known as “Botticino Classico”, has been exported worldwide since early 19th

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What is Marble?

The word marble originates from a Greek word “mármaron” or “mármaros” meaning crystalline rock or a shining stone. From a technical standpoint marble is nothing by a Metamorphic

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